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The Swiss Kraft range features several product formats including but not limited to Kraft stand up pouches, Kraft flat bottom bags, Kraft side gusset bags, Kraft Tin Tie Bags & more all available in both white Kraft paper and brown Kraft paper as a base material. With a growing number of companies preferring a more natural look for their products, paper based packaging is increasing in popularity. With a multitude of lamination options, we can provide the most optimum material structure for your product needs. 

Some of the biggest advantages of Kraft packaging is the unique tactile experience that it offers. Being also one of the materials most commonly used with compostable PLA films, it is a great option if looking to attract customers who value sustainability. Our Kraft packaging is sourced from recycled pulp a natural biomaterial coming from a sustainable sources!

Positive Consumer Perception
Unique Tactile texture

Finishing Options :
We are able to provide standard zippers as well as pocket zippers which facilitates easier access for packing into kraft bags .      

Print Effects 
Utilising the very best in rotogravure and digital print technology we can offer an array of special effects to bring out the very best in each kraft pouch design

Coffee Valve Insertion 
As a specialist manufacturer of kraft coffee bags we are able to fit degassing valves to all of our bags.    

Special Features
 From product see through windows to reinforced handles for larger bags, we are able to offer a diverse range of additional user features.


 Our Portfolio and clients : 
Supporting the organic sector for over a decade, our natural kraft based products have been a big hit with consumers and companies alike. Whether you are looking for wholesale kraft packaging , custom printed kraft packaging or even compostable kraft packaging, our experience and investment in the very latest production technology sets us apart in the market. Below are a few case studies of some of most loyal customers & why they stay with us! 

Frequently Asked Industry Questions

Can you custom print on Kraft pouches?

Yes, however it’s important to understand unlike plastic on which ink can sit, Kraft paper is a far more porous material which causes the finish to appear less vibrant finish as opposed to a printing on a laminated surface using any of our three printing methods.

Is the ink used to print on Kraft pouches environmentally friendly?

Yes all the inks we use on our Kraft pouches are water based inks.

Are the accessories available for Kraft Pouches & Bags recyclable?

Yes, we have both fully compostable valves and zippers, although to put in an ordinary recycling bin you would just have to tear either off!

Are your Kraft products food grade safe?

Yes, so long as the food you’re packing is not corrosive or oil based you’re good to go!